Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Don't Wait For Anything

I'm late again, sorry. Today I worked for three hours and stuffed a shit ton of papers into envelopes. Fun times. Fun times.

I'm going to visit my cousin at her bookstore tomorrow. I didn't tell her I was coming so I don't know if she'll be there. If she isn't then I'll make the short trip again and just buy a book. If she is, then I can't wait to catch up again.

I'm still cleaning my room right now. I can't concentrate on anything right now. It's pretty bad.

I better go do something. Who knows when I'll actually go to sleep. Yesterday it was 3AM.

Till The Sun Rises,

Sarah Jean

P.S. I just found a lightning bug in my room though my door is closed and so are the windows. Weird. I saved him and let him free to be with his family. How awesome are I?

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