Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ignorance is Bliss

I must be a forgetful person or something. I knew this blog was going to be a task to keep. I knew eventually I would start to get careless and lenient on my postings. But no matter what, I'm still going to post. Whoo!

Today was lazy day (arent they all?)

I didn't want to get up at all! And then I went to the movies and saw World War Z. It was a good movie. Though next time I'm definitely going by myself. The perks about going with a parent is you usually don't pay. I mean it would have been fine if I did. But whatever.

I watched 13 going on 30 earlier and it was awesome because its like a blast from the past. And the soundtrack is amazing. I'm currently writing and jamming to 80's music! Yay

Till The Sun Rises,

Sarah Jean

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