Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sadness Is Unavoidable, Like The Winter

I'm afraid I'm very confused. I can't make up my mind on so many things.

I'm also incredibly sad. This morning driving to work a couple things just popped into my mind and I'm not the cheery person I woke up as. It's aggravating because as much as I'm trying not to let these things bother me, they sneak up in there and I can't avoid it.

On a happier note, CHRISTMAS IS COMING. I can't wait its so exciting. I have my Christmas Radio up on Pandora right now. It may be way too early for it but I can't agree less. Last year it felt like Christmas came and went way too fast and now it's right on schedule. It feels right this year.

On a completely different note, I keep having these dreams about this guy and its totally weird because he's actually on my mind but there's like a whole back story to it and it's a complete shit show and I haven't actually interacted with him in like a year or so I guess. It's really weird.

Till The Sun Sets,

Sarah Jean